Terms & Conditions


I agree to abide by the rules and instructions and to cooperate fully with the organizers. In addition, I agree to complete the retreat or event as part of my commitment. I accept that if I don’t follow the rules and instructions I may be asked to leave the event prematurely.

I hereby agree that I cannot hold the organizers, the Zoom online platform or the teachers responsible in any way for any personal loss, damage or injury suffered to body and/or property or claim any expenses incurred, regardless of their cause, which arise from my voluntary participation in this event.

Personal data

All personal data is stored securely in accordance with the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

I give my consent to Cittā Bhāvanā (the organizers) to temporarily retain my personal data. My personal data will be used to provide participants with the best possible service and experience during the retreat. My personal data can be used by the organization exclusively for the purpose of obtaining information and to inform the participants of any relevant facts related to said event.

Data sharing

I agree my data may be shared with third parties who are carrying out, facilitating or assisting in the event, organizers, people connected with the platform, as well as any third parties necessary for the organizers to provide the stated services and activities or in compliance with legal requirements. In relation to the above mentioned purposes, I agree that my personal data may be provided to people or organizations outside Portugal.

Mailing list

I agree to be included in a mailing list, and accept that to be contacted via email or other means of communication with regards to future programmes, courses or events that the organizers or other third parties may offer in connection to the Buddhist community and which the organizers think might be of interest to me. I understand that I can cancel my subscription or update my personal data at any time, by contacting the organizers through their data protection officer who can be reached at cittabhavanaretreats@gmail.com.

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